JNIOR Series 4

From our website: The INTEG JNIOR automation controller is a PLC/PAC alternative that provides Ethernet connectivity with built-in digital I/O, serial ports and analog expansion modules, running stand-alone applications or integration with other applications. The key to the JNIOR flexibility, robustness and ease of use is the INTEG JANOS operating system for the JNIOR Series 4. A multi-tasking OS with numerous features.

JANOS is the name given to the operating system that INTEG developed for the JINOR platform. 1.5.0 is the latest release. 1.6.0 is coming soon!

Embedded Applications

The JNIOR has a built-in JVM. This allows you to write Java applications that run on the JNIOR. INTEG has some standard applications that you can load, INTEG can write custom applications or you can write your own custom applications. Use your favorite Java IDE, compile, upload and run!

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Interface With the JNIOR

You can interface to the JNIOR to monitor and control via one of the many built-in network protocols. Standard legacy protocols like TCP MODBUS and Serial ASCII / RTU MODBUS are available as well as more modern protocols like our own command protocol via Websocket technology.

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Contract with INTEG

Our contract services can write custom applications or even design custom hardware. If our current offering doesn't fit your needs then let's talk about what you need!

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